"Justice in the South"
County Wide's debut album release is here!

County Wide Band

County Wide is taking this county and yours by storm in 2016!! With the release of the album "Justice in the South", and new concert dates coming You don't want to miss this exciting brand of Country, Rock, Alternative and full force face melting music for the All American hard working spirit in YOU!

Bass guitarist and backup vocalist,Anthony is part of a long list of talented musicians in his family.

His father, Dencil Campbell, a talented musician and singer, was his main inspiration and teacher through his musical career. He started playing bass guitar around age 11 and quickly caught on. By age 13, he was playing regularly at church and filling in for local gospel groups. He continued his knack for music on to the High School band and was one of the top trombone players in the state of Kentucky making the All-state symphony band by his sophomore year of high school. After high school, he met the ultra talented Aron Bunch and they started singing and playing together. Anthony continues to prove himself as one of the best bass player/vocalist in the area.

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