"Justice in the South"
County Wide's debut album release is here!

County Wide Band

County Wide is taking this county and yours by storm in 2016!! With the release of the album "Justice in the South", and new concert dates coming You don't want to miss this exciting brand of Country, Rock, Alternative and full force face melting music for the All American hard working spirit in YOU!

County Wide Drummer, Travis has the best hair in the band and manages to keep the band in time too.

Travis was born into musical talent from his dad being a country music singer and brother being a professional saxophone player. He owes all his drum talent to one person, his lifelong friend, Tim Roark. At age 8, Travis set behind Tim for years as he played the drums at his local church. While watching Tim’s every move, he then incorporated what Tim had taught him along with his own personal style. He got his first set of drums when he was 13 and has been keeping a beat ever since! He has played in several bands with different genres of music from country, rock & roll, jazz, blues, and southern rock. While he enjoys rocking out with County Wide every chance he can, his greatest blessings are his 4 biggest fans; his wife Dana, his beautiful daughter Kylie, his rock-n-roll son Gavin, and his newest addition baby Kinslee.

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